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Evil Eye By Maria

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Turkish Evil eye bracelet


Evil eye bracelet


Handmade Evil eye jewelry from different parts of the world. 

The evil eye is used is many countries:

Cape Verde Islands

The Conta di Odjo bead is famously known throughout the Cabo Verde Islands as the protector from the evil eye.

The conta di odjo is a black bead with white dots, each unique in their own way. As myth has it the wearer of the conta will be protected from evils towards them.


In Portuguese, it is called "mau olhado", ou "olho gordo" (literally "fat eye"). The first expression is used in Portugal and second one is more common in Brazil..


 All items are 100% completely handcrafted by me in my small personal studio. I pride my work in being durable and able to withstand a rough and rowdy lifestyle.


Our main goal and promise to customers is to provide a unique selection of the finest stainless steel jewelry to every buyer which is practical to wear every day with simple yet elegant & stylish design.


Stainless steel and tungsten are the new standard used in fine jewelry. We are always offering best quality products with affordable prices. 

What our customers are saying

Just received it today and I love the bracelet earrings and pendant. Thank You Maria for The free gifts and you done a good job. Your Jewelry is very high Quality Beautiful pieces. I definitely order from you again. 👍👍👍

Christine Surette customer from Massachusetts 

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